The game consists of a unique html file. The file can be copied into your device and open with the browser without the Internet connection.

IF YOUR DEVICE IS A KINDLE READER: Only some version of the Kindle reader give the possibility to open local file with the browser. To discover if your Kindle can do this, write the address file:///mnt/us in the browser and go. If a "Invalid protocol" message is shown, it means that local file are not supported and you can play only online.

If local file are supported, copy the html game file (for example through USB connection) in the Kindle folder "documents". Open the browser and write again address file:///mnt/us and go. Touch documents: you will see the list of all your documents. Find the html file of the game and touch it to start.

Next time you can start the game opening the address into the browser history, for example: file:///mnt/us/documents/....html

You can also save the page through your bookmarks.

IF YOU USE CHROME: Warning! If you are using CHROME browser, cookies for local files can be disabled and the game doesn't work. Be sure that the option to save local data is enabled.

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